A journey that matters

An Asian proverb states that it is better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times.
Travel is truly the only thing one can buy that makes you richer and enriches your experiences. It is life's best teacher and a key to learning and savouring the myriad of cultures the world has to offer.
That is exactly why Afronesia Tours wants to take you to Indonesia. This vibrant, colourful and exquisitely beautiful country offers so much for the discerning traveller. The friendliness and warmth of its people is an experience in itself.
At Afronesia Tours we believe in personal service with a hands-on approach. Exploring Indonesia in style and comfort with a local perspective is what we offer. With us it is not just the destination, but truly the journey that matters.

Our Story

Established by two people with different backgrounds, a South African and an Indonesian, brings a dynamic and unique energy to Afronesia Tours. We want to share our passion for travelling with others. We aim to convert our personal experience of Indonesia into a lifetime memory for you.
Born in Indonesia, Ega not only knows the language, but is familiar with local customs. This fact and her knowledge of the hospitality industry make her a perfect partner in showcasing Wonderful Indonesia. South African born Heinrich has been in the arts and events industry for years and knows what people require for an unforgettable experience. An Afronesia tour is not just about visiting places and seeing beautiful sites. We want you to experience and live the culture, arts, history, beliefs and cuisine as if you were an inhabitant.
Our tours are supported by best-in-class, trusted local suppliers, to maximize comfort and ease, ensuring that this will truly be an unforgettable experience – a journey that matters.